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Allen Rank Booster is given below.

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we suggest you to follow the Latest Allen Study Materials because of the accompanying explanation The materials are well-informed and the substance depends on the most recent assessment design. It has an exhaustive hypothesis with numerous guides to hone your arrangement. It Contains theme savvy, Subject astute inquiry bank for training. Every one of the inquiries is organized from essential to propel level which will offer a sufficient chance to comprehend and improve your addressing capacity. Alongside the hypothesis, it contains short deceives mind guides and recipe booklets. which will help for the fast getting a handle on of different ideas.

Download Allen Chemistry Rank Booster pdf


Allen Chemistry Rank booster

Part 1:-

Surface Chemistry 01
Chemical kinetics 05
Solution & Colligative properties 11
Electrochemistry 15
Solid State 20
Chemical Equilibrium 25
Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry 31
Redox Reaction 38
Ionic Equilibrium & Acid Base 42
Mole Concept & Gaseous state 47
Part 2:-

Atomic Structure
Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding
p-Block Elements 13
d & f Block Elements 18
Co-ordination Chemistry 23
s-Block Elements and Hydrogen 27
& Its Compounds
Metallurgy 31

Part 3:-

Classification & Nomenclature System 1
Isomerism 6
General Organic Chemistry 12
Hydrocarbon & Aromatic Hydrocarbon 20
Halogen and its derivative 29
Alcohol, Phenol and Ether 36
Carbonyl Compounds and Carboxylic acid 43
& its derivative
Nitrogen Contaning Compounds 50
Biomolecules, Polymer and POC 57
& Chemistry in everyday life
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