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affiliate marketing what is ? Full Details here

Affiliate marketing is growing very fast in today’s time and it will grow to a great extent in the coming 10 years. The question in your mind would be that what is affiliate marketing? How does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing? As you all know that today’s era is the modern era where you can earn money online sitting at home, buy and sell goods online, and many more ways you can live online life.

In view of the increasing online shopping with time, companies have discovered affiliate marketing and have increased their business twice as fast. Most of you must be doing affiliate marketing or thinking about doing it than me and a question must be going on in your mind that what is affiliate marketing and what are the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing? So this is what we are going to learn in today’s post.

What is Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate marketing is a way from where you can create a product link of a company and send it through social media or website and earn a good commission. The commission you get depends on that product, what type of product it is. Here there are many categories on which more commission is available, while there are some such where less commission is available.

affiliate marketing

You can run your product through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and other social media platforms, apart from this, if you are a YouTube or blogger then it becomes very easy for you to sell.

Affiliate marketing exaplain :

The question must be coming in your mind that what is Affiliate Marketing Explanation? So let us tell you that some such words are used inside Affiliate Marketing which we need to know about. So let’s talk about these words in detail.

Affiliates :

Affiliates are called when a person joins any Affiliate program and promotes their product through their website or other social media platform. To know in simple words, the person who sells or promotes the company’s product through Appellate Marketing, that person is called Affiliates.

Affiliate ID :

When you join an affiliate program, you are given an Affiliate ID. Affiliate ID is a unique ID that helps in gathering information about the sales made by you. Without Affiliate ID you cannot login to Affiliate Account.

Affiliate Link :

When you promote a product by making a link to it through social media or other means, then the link formed is called Affiliate Link. If a person clicks on this link created by you and wants to buy a product, then you are given a commission for that product. Through this link, those running the affiliate program can track.

Affiliate Marketplace :

Such companies, which offer different affiliate programs for the sale of their products, are called affiliate marketing palaces.


Affiliate manager :

In the Affiliate program, some people are appointed to help and give suggestions to the affiliates, they are called Affiliate Manager. We can use the chat box and e-mail to contact them.

Commission :

When you sell a company’s product, then you are given a commission. As commission, you are given some percentage of that product amount or a fixed amount. The amount you get when you sell the product is called commission. The amount received as commission can also be a fixed amount or it can be part of that product amount. When you join an affiliate program, you are informed about it in advance.


Short Link :

If you already do affiliate marketing, then you will know that when you create a link to a product, then that link is very big which does not look good. URL Shortner is used to shorten such links, which is called Link Clocking.

Payment Mode :

When you get commission for a product and you want to take the amount received in that commission through your account i.e. medium, then it is called payment mode.

Payment Threesold :

Affiliates in Affiliate Marketing are given some commission when they complete the minimum sales issued by them. When you do this then you become eligible to earn payment, it is called payment threesold. Different programs have different payment threesold and on the basis of that you are paid.

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