Bansal Chemistry Module (PDF)

Bansal Chemistry Module


Mole Concept (BANSAL)

Chemical Bonding (BANSAL)

Nomenclature (BANSAL)

Isomerism (BANSAL)


Gaseous State (BANSAL)

Atomic Structure (BANSAL)

Hydrocarbons (BANSAL)

Purification _ Characterisation of Organic Compounds (BANSAL)

Redox Reaction (BANSAL)

Hydrogen _ Compounds (BANSAL)

Chemical Equilibrium (BANSAL)

Ionic Equilibrium (BANSAL)

S Block (BANSAL)

p block 1 (BANSAL)

Thermodynamics (BANSAL)

Thermochemistry (BANSAL)

Chemical Kinetics (BANSAL)

Alcohol,Phenol_Ethers (BANSAL)

Halogen Derivatives_Grignard Reagents (BANSAL)

Coordination Compound (BANSAL)

Radioactivity (BANSAL)

Carbonyl Compounds (BANSAL)

Carboxylic Acid _ Derivatives (BANSAL)

 Solutions (BANSAL)

 Electrochemistry (BANSAL)

 Nitrogen Compounds (BANSAL)

 Metallurgy (BANSAL)

 P Block 2 (BANSAL)

Qualitative Analysis (BANSAL)

d_f block elements (BANSAL)

 Solid State (BANSAL)

Surface Chemistry (BANSAL)

Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BANSAL)

Biomolecules (BANSAL)

Polymers (BANSAL)

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