API Textbook of Medicine

API Textbook of Medicine 9th Edition PDF Free Download

The API Textbook of Medicine 9th Edition pdf consists of 28 sections across two comprehensive volumes covering a wide range of medical disorders. Fully revised and with 1588 images, illustrations, and tables, this new edition has many new chapters on topics including nanotechnology and nano-medicine, and clinical approach to key manifestations. Each section is dedicated to a different medical phenomenon, including clinical pharmacology, endocrinology, dermatology, infectious diseases, and nutrition. Also included is online access to teaching modules for teachers and students, questions and answers, an atlas/image bank, echocardiography, and video EEG and common medical procedures with voice over.

Table of Contents:

Volume I
1. Introduction
2. Clinical Approach to Key Manifestations
3. Diagnostic Imaging
4. Clinical Pharmacology
5. Immunology
6. Medical Genetics
7. Critical Care Medicine
8. Bone Disorders
9. Diabetes Mellitus
10. Endocrinology
11. Dermatology
12. Cardiology
13. Gastroenterology
14. Hepatology
15. Hematology
16. HIV and AIDS

Volume II
17. Infectious Diseases
18. Disorders of Metabolism
19. Nephrology
20. Neurology
21. Oncology
22. Psychiatric Medicine
23. Pulmonary Medicine
24. Rheumatology
25. Nutrition
26. Poisoning and Toxicology
27. Environmental Medicine
28. Miscellaneous

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