Fun and Important Facts About the Human Body and Information on Plant Nutrition

Here in this article, we will be discussing some important facts about human body.

Facts About Heart and Brain in the Human Body
The human body is one of the most complicated living anatomies in the world. Lots
of scientists and doctors have spent their entire lives unravelling the mysteries of the
human body. Yet, there are still a lot of things left to uncover. In this article, we will
see some amazing facts on the Heart and Brain of the human body.

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Fun Facts about Brain of the Human Body
1. Brain surgeries have been carried out since the Stone Age.
2. Water constitutes about 75% of the brain.
3. In the first year of life, the human brain grows three times its size.
4. Headaches are the consequence of a chemical reaction in your brain along with
the muscles and nerves of your head and neck.
5. Approximately, our brain has 100 billion neurons.
6. Good Cholesterol helps to learn and memorize.
7. The fastest speed at which information runs between neurons in our brain is 250
8. Dreams are a combination of physiological factors, imagination, and neurological
9. The brain is incapable of feeling pain.
10. When you eat or drink something cold, it causes brain freeze which is also
known as sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia. It results when arteries and blood
vessels in the very back of the throat and the ones that carry blood to your brain
constrict when they’re cold. This also is the cause of headaches.
11. By the late 20s, the human brain starts losing some cognitive skills and some
memory abilities.
12. As our age increases, our brain gets smaller.
13. During the mummification process, the Egyptians would usually pull out the
brains through the nose.
14. Traumatic events can affect the brain’s detail remembering abilities.
15. 20% of the oxygen and blood in your body is used by the brain.

Fun Facts about Heart of the Human Body
1. The average heart size is the size of our fist.

2. Approximately, every day the heartbeats 1,15,000 times and it pumps about 2,000
gallons of blood.

3. All the processes of the heart are controlled by the cardiac conduction system
which is the biological electrical system.
4. Daniel Hale Williams in 1893 performed the first open-heart surgery.
5. The youngest person to get a successful heart surgery was a 1-minute old baby
6. Monday is the day when most heart attacks occur.
7. The weight of an average human heart is less than 1 pound.
8. The male human heart is 2 ounces heavier than in females in size.
9. A male heartbeats slightly slower than a female heart.
10. The heartbeat sound is caused due to the opening and closing of valves of the
11. Humans can have a broken heart. It is called broken heart syndrome. It shows
similar symptoms to that of a heart attack but the difference is that a heart attack is
the result of heart disease while broken heart syndrome is caused by a rush of stress
hormones from physical or emotional stress or traumatic events.
12. Heart cancer is extremely rare as the cells in the heart do not divide.

Plant Nutrition System
Plant nutrition is the study of the mode of absorption, source, and metabolism of
various inorganic substances (minerals) by plants for their development, growth,
physiology, structure, and reproduction. Plant nutrition is a study of the compounds
and elements that are required for its growth.

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