You are currently viewing How to create JvZoo Account | Get Product Approval In JvZoo Account
How to create JvZoo Account | Get Product Approval In JvZoo Account

How to create JvZoo Account | Get Product Approval In JvZoo Account

Hello friends, if you do Affiliate marketing then you must have heard about your JvZoo. In this post we will learn from where you can create JvZoo Account. In the world of Affiliate Marketing, the name of JvZoo is taken at the top end. Here vendors want and list their product or service and you can promote that product as an Affiliate by creating JvZoo Account and get a good commission by selling. After creating JvZoo Account, you get Approval from here and only after that you can promote that product.

What Is JvZoo ?

JVZoo is an affiliate marketing platform that allows sellers to easily list, promote and sell
their products, and affiliate marketers easily find interesting products at great prices to
promote.Inside JVZoo you get the option to pay JVZooPay Automatic affiliate commission.
JVZooPay offers sellers who use BlueSnap and/or PayPal as their payment processor the
option to pay their affiliate commissions through JVZooPay.

JVZoo will continue to add new payment processors. Announcements will be made when a
new processor is added. You’ll see updates via news when you login to your account, to
social media channels, to the knowledgebase, and to your account via the search tool.

When you select JVZooPay for commission payment, JVZoo will collect all transaction fees
at the time of sale. Aggregate fee includes affiliate commission, JVzoo commission and 5%
transaction fee for JVZoo full sell. Commissions are sent to the JVZooPay account of the
affiliates. This removes the vendor/affiliated company and automates the payment of
commissions through the payer. JVZoo has chosen Payoneer for this service as it is
available in more than 200 countries and allows JVZooPay to serve most of the affiliates.

How To Create JvZoo Account ?

Creating JvZoo Account is very easy, here we have given some steps, by following which
you can create your JvZoo Account very easily:

  • First of all, you have to go to Google Chrome and search there, JvZoo.
JvZoo Account
  • After this you have to go to its official website, whose dashboard will look like this. On this page you will get the complete details of this app, which must be checked once.
JvZoo Account
  • After that you have to go to the bottom of this page, where you will get the option to create an Affiliate Account, click on it. Apart from this, you can create a seller’s account here, but in this post we will learn only about creating an Affiliate Account.
JvZoo Account
  • From here you will be redirected to a new page where the form for creating JvZoo Account will open in front of you, inside which you are asked for your basic information, then fill this information carefully.
JvZoo Account
  • After this a confirmation is sent to your email, on which you have to confirm by clicking on it. After filling the complete information of the forum, you have to click on the register button. Where a new page will open in front of you.
  • When you go to your email and confirm the mail that has come from JvZoo, then some kind of interface comes in front of you.
JvZoo Account
  • Inside this page it is asked that how do you have to take your commission? It means to say that how the commission you have received will be sent to your account, then from here select whatever account you have and enter its complete details here.
  • When you fill your account details here, after that you are given some tools, with the help of which you can easily promote and sell the affiliate product.

In this way your JvZoo Account is created and after that you see the JvZoo Account Car Dashboard where you get complete information about your Affiliate Account. Only after the JvZoo Account is created, you are able to promote any product of someone and know other information or settings. After creating JvZoo Account, when you go to promote the product, then you have to take the approval of the product there.

How To Get Product Approval In JvZoo Account :

Some friends say that we have created JvZoo account but we are not getting product approval. If you are also facing this kind of problem then read this post carefully and we have given some points below through which you will get answers to all the questions:

  • When you go to JvZoo for product approval, a forum comes in front of you. Here some people make this mistake that they click on the direct request button and do not fill anything inside this phone, due to which their request approval gets rejected.
  • You have to convince the owner of the product that you will ship that product. Because until the owner of that product or service is not sure that you will be able to sell or send it, then he will be afraid to approve you.
  • One of the reasons for the rejection of product approval can be your sales being zero. Because when the owner of the product or service checks your profile and it is known that you have not sold any product or service yet, then he cannot trust you.
  • You also have to make sure that you have some social platform or website or any other type of thing through which you will be able to sell that product, then you can get product approval.
  • One of the reasons for not getting product approval is also EPC. The full forum of EPC is: Earning Per Click | When a large number of visitors come to you and very few of them buy the product, then the EPC of that product goes down due to which there is a lot of adverse effect on the sale of the product.

What We do For Approval :

  1. Youtube Channel / Product Review Blog: Most of the products of JvZoo are sold on the basis of reviews. For product review, you have either a social media platform or a website or YouTube channel through which you can review and promote that product. If you have such a tool with you, then you can get product approval by showing it to the product seller.
  2. Email List : Even if you have an email list, you can take product approval.
  3. Name Jacking : You can get approval if you convince the product or service seller that you are learning Appeal Marketing from another popular tool, and request him to give you a link to the product approval. But keep in mind that this is not a lie because many times the product seller investigates it and only after that the link is given to you.
  4. Buy That Product : If you buy a product or service, then the product seller is sure that if you have invested money in it, then you will use it properly, in this way you are also given a product approval link.

Hope you got to learn something new from the information given by us. If you have any kind of question in your mind then you can ask us through comment and tell us how you liked our post. Apart from this, if you want to learn affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing and Share Marketing then stay connected with our website.

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