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Digital And Social media marketing

Digital And Social media marketing PPT Download And Best Platforms

Hello friends, in today’s post we will learn what is Digital And Social Media Marketing and what is the difference between these two. In today’s era, digital and social media marketing are being used to sell everything.

Difference Between Digital And Social media marketing :

What is Social Media?

In today’s era, everyone is connected with social media from child to old age.Some of the most popular networks are:

  • Facebook – connecting friends, family and brands with audiences.
  • LinkedIn – creating professional connections.
  • Flickr – photo sharing network.
  • Youtube – video sharing network.
  • Twitter – short form communications platform connecting anyone to anyone.
  • Pinterest – connecting people through visual elements such as designs, photos, drawings, etc.
  • Instagram – similar to Pinterest but mostly featuring photos.
  • Reddit – link sharing and comment sharing on an endless array of topics.

What Is Social Media Marketing :

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is considered very much in the marketing world. Social media is used to promote the product and develop an influential relationship with the customers through various social media platforms.Marketing is considered to be quite easy with social media, it is a platform where users come and share content like messages, videos, etc. But it is more than what it sounds like, social media marketing helps to establish a relationship with the customer and build the presence of the marketers. on the web.

Social media marketing
Digital And Social media marketing

There are mainly three methods in social media marketing which are more commonly used are blogs, social networks and forums are used for this. One of the ways you can achieve social media marketing is to start building relationships with the community and share valuable content with them. Another way is marketing through advertising, which is known as sponsor advertising.

Social Media Advertising :

Facebook and Twitter are platforms that allow you to advertise to people who haven’t liked or followed your business page. Here are a few tools that allow you to select the audience you’re in the market for.Such an advertisement can be very beneficial for you. When you want to quickly add members to a Page or group, or add new members to a stable community.

It’s worth noting that Facebook, in particular, also charges you to ensure that your community can see a post… this can be worthwhile, too, if interactions are flagging.Like all forms of payment marketing, take your time to learn the system. First spend a small amount of money in social media advertising campaign, when you get benefit from it and you are satisfied then you can spend more in it.If you do not get profit from the money you have invested in advertising, then you should pay attention to it.

What Is Digital marketing :

Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing has made a lot of progress in the marketing world today. Digital marketing is used to promote a product and develop an effective relationship with customers through all digital and offline sources. This marketing is creating awareness about the product using digital channels. Digital channel makes use of internet and the methods used by digital marketing are SEO, SEM, E-commerce and email marketing.

Offline marketing is also done in digital marketing. In which offline sources such as radio, SMS and television are used. Within digital marketing, we do 3 types of marketing: online marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing. In this it is necessary to know what is the choice of the public and what is in trend at present and how to reach it to the consumer.

Types Of Digital marketing :

Digital And Social media marketing PPT Download :

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