You are currently viewing Zion finance review 2022 How Work And is safe or a scam?

Zion finance review 2022 How Work And is safe or a scam?

In today’s time everyone wants to learn to earn money online by trading and also find a good platform for that. In today’s post, we will learn what is zion finance and how it works and you will get all the information related to zion finance in this post. If you do trading or want to learn and are interested in Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing and Finance then stay connected to our website.

What Is Zion Finance LTD?

Zion Finance Limited is a company that provides credit and financial services around the world. And this company also claims to do so on its website. The claim of this company is that they are involved in precious metals and securities.And the company gets a lot of benefit from this work. The company’s transparency and ability to prove profits are some of the key things I look for in a solid program. Whoever joins this company, they are given an opportunity to provide income through different financial means by the company.

There are many such companies in the market who make such promises and later go back on the promise. We have seen that many companies claim that they can make a profit by investing and trading, but most of these claims are devoid of any evidence and are often closed.

Zion Finance Company Details

Whenever a person invests in the market, first of all he knows about the CEO or owner of the company. Here you are allowed to find out more about individuals and their backgrounds. There was no information on the company’s website regarding the person’s name. Although Zion Finance is listed on the website as Dave Donsky, I could not find him online.

  • The domain name of Zion Finance Limited is “” which was registered in 2018 and last updated in July 2020.
  • The domain name was privately registered.
  • Private registrations mean that the owner’s name field is left blank or the word “private”.
  • Zion Finance is proud of its long history of operation.
  • They are currently in operation in the UK.
  • The website of the company is beautiful, up-to-date, and very user-friendly.
  • Although the company offers securities, I could not find a UK license for it.

Zion Finance Review – Overview

  • Minimum Price:$10
  • Program Owner: Unknown
  • Money-Back Guarantee: None
  • Program: Zion Finance
  • Type: Investing, Cryptocurrency
  • Payment/Withdrawal Methods: Various Cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC…

Zion Finance Adress details :

Zion Finance company has made its branch at two places, first branch is in Hong Kong and second is in UK. According to the information, it is being told that this company does not work from Hong Kong and the Hong Kong contact numbers given by them can also be fake.Suite C. Level 7. World Trust Tower. 50 Stanley Street. Central. Hong Kong and 45 Tabernacle Street London England England EC2A4AA, respectively.

Transparency is essential when it comes to investment brokers and companies. It’s part and parcel of the regulatory framework. Financial authorities can access regulated companies if they comply with certain transparency rules. This makes it less likely that fraudulent activities are conducted. Investors and traders can also verify the legitimacy of the company by checking the information they provide.

Zion Finance Key Facts

Suspicious investment opportunities are offered by Zion Finance company, which is a clear indication of a scam! Note that significant contacts are made by this company. Zion Finance does not have a license to provide its services and it is stated that this may be discontinued at any time.

Zion Finance products & services Information

The Zion Finance company claims that it is an online investment platform that guarantees profits ranging from 0.2% to 0.5% per day – although this may not sound like it, it is the least achieved by any company in 15% a month. is much more than that. Individuals are also cheated by Zion Finance company.

This company attracts individuals and businessmen to its side with its big promises and later scam. We are of the opinion that businesses promising high yields should be avoided as scammers are known to make big promises and set unrealistic expectations. The offers offered by this company are very different from the standards of regulated financial companies. No company gives such high percentage of profit as this company promises.

Zion Finance website Details

The website of Zion Finance company was created in 2018, which is too old for a scam website. This company has not been licensed for more than 2 years, which clearly shows that this company has done some scam or any fraud has been done by them. This company, along with five other domains, is located at the domain IP address USA. Although the domain names were very suspicious, the websites still worked. Therefore, no connection with Zion Finance was possible.

If you check the website of this company with any SEO tool, then you will find that there is no ranking on this website. Lack of traffic on the website of such a big company also indicates a scam.Website owners have successfully covered themselves against WhoIs lookups but failed to adhere to the principles of transparency as outlined above.

What products/services does Zion Finance offer?

The review of this post written by us will be focused on the products and services offered by Zion Finance Company.Zion Finance offers a variety of services, including an investment plan, an app, and business loans.This company claims that you can expect a steady daily return on your investment every day with the investment plans, which according to us is quite difficult.

Loans and other investing strategies generate returns.The main currency of Zoin Finance company is cryptocurrency through which you can deposit and withdraw your profit and loss.

How To Download Zoin Finance App

Zion Finance Company has also developed an app for the promotion and amenities of its company which its members can use.You can download this app from google play store.In this app you can see your daily profit and loss and through this you can deposit and withdraw money.

How can you make money with Zion Finance?

Two ways to earn money are provided by Zion Finance Company. These include the investment packages that they offer to potential investors as well as through their affiliate program.

Investment Plan In Zoin Finance

  • An option is given by the company for the investment plan.
  • The investment plan provides a 0.2% – 0.5% daily return.
  • You are provided with a range of cryptocurrencies from the company where you can start.
  • In this you can start with a minimum amount.
  • The reports reveal that Zion Finance has paid out returns on time up to this point.

Is Zion finance a scam?

As we mentioned above, Zion Finance company claims that it is an online investment platform that guarantees returns of 0.2% to 0.5% per day – although this may not sound like it, it is less than any company. Far more than what is achieved in a month of less than 15%. According to us, this company is a fraud company that does fraud and in this our advice is that you should stay away from it.

Would I recommend Zion Finance?

You will face a lot of risk by joining this company and if you want a passive income system. Which may go on for a few years or may stop at any time. Although there are gains and losses in business, but this will give you very few platforms where you will be cheated.

It is essential for investment and trading so we focused on transparency and regulation in this post. Every company providing financial services must be authorized by a local financial authority.

If you have to deal with someone in the market then first check whether that company has a license or not because some entities may operate without license and may commit investment fraud.

If you do business with unlicensed companies then you can face loss anytime and anywhere and you will not get any kind of protection in this. So always know that the company with which you are doing business must have a valid license.

It is often seen in the news paper that a case of fraud has come to the fore on the website, due to which online scamming has become a trend. Despite financial authorities issuing more warnings year after year, threats remain and are growing rapidly.

The OneCoin scam is a good example of the dangers. Although it is impossible to determine the exact loss, it has been estimated to be worth $15 billion. To avoid losing money, do business only with licensed and regulated businesses.

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