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JEE Main 2022: Revision tips for remaining 4 weeks

While students get 2 attempts to qualify for JEE Advanced, it is of utmost importance to give your best in the first attempt. With nearly 4 weeks left for the first phase of JEE Main 2022 which is to be scheduled from 6th Jan to 11th Jan 2022, its time to follow disciplined preparation plan and focus on revising all the important chapters and topics.

JEE Main 2022 Revision tips
JEE Main 2022 Revision tips

Serious aspirants must have completed syllabus and started revision of important topics by now. Proper study schedule should consist of a subject-wise distribution of various chapters as per their weightage in the exam. This will not only help in disciplined preparation but also in effective time utilisation. While revising the chapters, just go through the already studied topics and chapters so that you will be able to remember it for a longer time.  

Week -1- Categorize topics as per your command level in JEE Main 2022

Physics – Prepare key points (summary) of all chapters categorizing them in three groups as per your command level in the topics (as topics with good, satisfactory and poor command). Practice question of previous year papers of topics where you have satisfactory command and refer to books/teacher wherever you need help.

JEE Main 2022

Chemistry – Pay special emphasis on chapters like atomic structure, solid state, ionic equilibrium, electrochemistry and thermo chemistry.  Keep jotting down simple formulas that you encounter while solving questions.  These would come handy while revising in the final week.

Mathematics (Calculus) – Start with the basics of differentiation then work your way towards limits and associated concepts. Also, include revision of functions and concepts of application of derivatives. Work hard on properties of definite Integration and revise concepts of differential equations.

Week 2- Analyze weak areas and work on them in JEE Main 2022

Physics – Go through books/notes for areas with poor command to understand key concepts and then attempt questions from previous paper to evaluate your final preparation. If you feel encouraged with your performance, do more practice from standard sources as well. However if you feel that there is no scope of any significant improvement, you can skip these topics. In that case focus on topics with satisfactory command.

Chemistry(Organic Chemistry)- Focus on various name reactions which you have studied across XI and XII and their mechanisms.  Practice questions related to Ozonolysis, Aidol and Cannizzaro reactions which crop up in exams quite often. Questions related to acidity and basicity order should be practiced thoroughly as well along with chemical tests for various functional groups. Scribble your notes copy with concepts worth remembering which you can revise in the final week. 

Mathematics (Coordinate Geometry)- Start your week with revision of formulas and keep a keen eye on similarities between the formulas. Also, work on geometrical properties of conics keeping in mind their applications.

Week 3- Revise topics which you are good at in JEE Main 2022

Physics – Practice on topics with good command as much as possible. Also pay special attention to topics which are there in syllabus for JEE-Main but not in JEE-Advance like Semi-conductor devices, Electromagnetic waves, communication system etc. Questions based on these topics are often straight forward and simple. A little extra reading helps you improve your score significantly. A thorough understanding of all that is given in NCERT text books on such topics is usually sufficient to solve questions in JEE-Main.

Inorganic Chemistry- Focus areas should be chapters like chemical bonding, p-block elements, Coordination Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis.  Try to remember things so that you can retain it till the test. 

Mathematics (Algebra) – Start with quadratic equations and work your way towards complex number (especially the geometrical properties). Focus on the properties of matrices and determinants as well as vector and 3D geometry keep a more problem based approach towards permutation and combination, probability, progressions. Also, revise formulas wherever possible.

Week 4- Attempt Mock tests and Analyze your preparation in JEE Main 2022


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