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Top 10 Science Colleges In India – 2019 Fees, Ranking & Placement

Following the class 10 board exams, the first question that any student is bombarded with is which stream they will opt for while pursuing higher studies. Let us explore one possible option.
With tremendous potential in the field of scientific research and development, more and more students are looking towards a career in pure and applied sciences. Government initiatives like Make in India and Digital India encourage the same. This, in the recent years, has led to a number of students taking up a bachelor’s degree in science.
Now while thinking about pursuing engineering, there are IITs and NITs; but there are no such brand names when it comes to identifying the top colleges for studying science. This article has a list of the top ten colleges in the country for pursuing BSc. The list has been made after careful consideration of the fee structure, amenities and placement scene.
Thus, if you are someone who intends to go for BSc in the near future (or know someone who does), this is an article that you just cannot miss.

1. St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi

One of the pillars of establishment of the Delhi University, this college has held its stance as one of the top colleges of the country since its inception in 1881. The legacy of the college has been passed on in the form of values inculcated in its students.
At the same time, the college has kept up with the changing times and introduced a number of new courses in the field of science and technology. With its modest fee structure, the college has been able to provide an average salary of Rs. 8L per annum to its graduating students in the academic year 2016 – 2017.

2. Loyola College, Chennai

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An autonomous college under the Madras University, this institution holds its grounds as a top college in almost all disciplines. With a fee structure that is neither too less nor too much (about Rs. 50K for a two-year MSc course), the college has been able to deliver value for the money paid.
The college invests a lot of money and effort in its placement training programs, resulting in 100% or near 100% placement year after year.

3. St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

With the motto being, ‘Nihil Ultra,’ the college fosters the understanding that there is nothing that one cannot achieve. Although the college is better known for its commerce section, its science section is so good that the college makes its way to the top 3 science colleges of the country. The fee structure here is on the lower side.
For self-financing courses it is Rs. 10K; whereas, for the rest of the courses, it is a mere Rs. 5K. However, this does not mean that the college compromises on its placements. Over the course of the last few years, the college was able to place more than 500 of its students into some of the most reputed global companies.

4. Christ College, Bengaluru

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Founded in 1969, the college became autonomous only recently, in 2008. It is one of the most expensive colleges in the list having a whooping average fee structure of 4L per course. However, the college is equally good in its placements.
In fact, it would not be wrong to say that placements are the crowning glory of the institution. Over 700 students were placed in different companies last year alone. The fact that this college has some of the most modern and well-equipped laboratories in the country is an added advantage.

5. Ramjas College, Delhi

This is another college in Delhi that is older than the Delhi University itself. The institution is well known for its study abroad and student exchange programs. The placement scene itself is commendable, to say the least.
What sets this college apart from the others is the fact that this institution was able to maintain its placement record even during the time of recession. It has a modest fee structure (of about Rs. 10K per course on an average) and focuses on providing education for all.

6. Miranda House, Delhi

In a country that believes education is an exclusive privilege for men, Miranda House is a centre for excellence in learning that was set-up exclusively for women a year after the nation gained its independence. The fact that even seven decades down the line the institution is able to maintain its stance speaks volumes about the firm foundation of values that the institution inculcates.
Its science courses are way above that offered by other colleges because of the fact that the college invests a significant amount in its laboratory facilities. With a fee structure of about Rs. 15K per course, the college is able to produce exceptional science graduates and maintain its average placement record of above 80% year after year.

7. Madras Christian College, Chennai

One of the most prestigious colleges of the country, the college has Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Prakash Karat and Indra Nooyi amongst its alumni list. The fee structure is evenly distributed with the students having to pay the amount per semester instead of paying the whole thing at a go.
Being one of the top minority-run institutions of the country, it is very strict with its values, and donations in any form are not encouraged. With an average student package of Rs. 2.3L per annum, the college has recorded the highest package of Rs 3L per annum in the last financial year.

8. Hansraj College, New Delhi

Another top college under the Delhi University, the college is comparatively newer than the ones discussed previously. The fee structure for an average science course is Rs. 70K. However, the money that is spent on the fees is a worthy investment because the college records placement as such.
The scientific facilities that are offered by the institution are also noteworthy. With state of the art technologies available at the fingertips of its students, this institution produces some of the most promising science graduates of the country.

9. Fergusson College, Pune

One of the oldest colleges of the region, this institution has a heritage to hold on to. Maybe this is the reason why it has held on to a low fee structure that has not escalated over the years as much as it should have.
However, there are things that the college has kept up with along with the changing times, the host of new courses on offer speaks volumes in support of this fact. The college recorded an overall placement of 70% in the last academic year.

10. Hindu College, Delhi

Another very old college under the Delhi University, this is one of the best majority-run institutions in the country. Having a modest fee structure of less than Rs. 50K for a science program, this institution makes sure that all its competent students are placed in the top-notch global and national companies.
In this regard, the efforts of the placement cell, DISHA, are commendable. It is the placement scene in the college that ensures that the college features in the top 10 institutions of scientific learning in the country.

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